Online HIIT Class

Online Classes

Effective Fitness offers Online HIIT classes to anyone seeking the benefits of exercise while improving fitness and strength.

There is one class per day and an unlimited number of available slots per class.  Everybody will join online YouTube in the comfort of their homes.  Classes are about 40 minutes in duration and each member will receive a private email invitation every evening for the next day’s online session.  These sessions are private and only available for those who joined and are part of the online class subscriber list.  These session are not accessible through the YouTube channel itself and therefor a person needs to sign up.

Those who joined will be able to do set session anytime throughout the day  as there is no fixed time where the session needs to be done or attended.  This is to make sure each member never misses out on a session when something comes up or not being able to make a certain timeslot.

Online Class Package information

Each new member only needs to contact us and we will get you signed up as quick as possible.  You are then ready to go as soon as payment is received.

Online Class Package information

5 sessions per week – R500 per month