At Home


Effective Fitness strives to provide each and every client with the best possible service to help them reach greater results through a holistic health and fitness experience, no matter where the live.  This ranges from; nutrition, exercise and a combination of nutrition and exercise.

Clients get to experience the benefits of being part of what Effective Fitness has to offer, without having to drive to come and see us or even from the comfort of their own home if that person stays in a different town or province.

Clients have access to expert service delivery as well as the opportunity to make use of our multi-purpose app which we use to implement our nutrition and exercise services.  This is especially exciting and beneficial for clients who join us remotely, as they will have constant support within the app and easily be able to implement the app within their daily routine.


Effective Fitness specialize in sports nutrition and aims to provide its clients with the best possible nutritional support that works well with their daily schedule and to implement it within their day-to-day routine.

Join us for a consultation where we design the perfect eating plan according to your lifestyle, preference (as best healthy as possible) and budget.  This eating plan can then be implemented on our app for your convenience where you get to log your daily eating as well as follow your caloric intake and have all your daily food’s measurements and values in the palm of your hands, making it as easy as possible for you to manage.  You may also choose to receive the eating plan via email which you can print and keep on hand if you choose to.

We look forward to working with you on getting the perfect eating plan that best suit your goals and needs!.

Exercise Plans

We offer exercise programs which we design according to an individual’s needs and goals.  These exercise programs are for any individual looking to start their own health and fitness journey or for the individual already on their journey and looking for a new program to take their training to the next level.

These programs can be loaded onto our app which a client can use to follow set program easily without having to carry a piece of paper.  Exercises can be logged and updated with the app to make keeping track of everything easy and progressing throw it simple.

Let us assist you with the perfect exercise plan to follow either at home, or in a gym environment.

Nutrition & Exercise Combo

Get the best of both worlds to provide you with the best possible tools for achieving your health and fitness goals, no matter what those goals might be.

We offer a combo package where you get an exercise program along with an eating plan that will cater goals and needs.  This package can also be loaded onto our app where you will then be able to have your exercise and eating plan all in one easy to use and convenient place.

Join us today and get the start you need to achieve your goals!