About Us


Effective Fitness strives to provide each client with the best possible service to help them reach greater results through a holistic fitness experience.  This ranges from; nutrition & exercise, to recovery & mental wellness.

Clients get to experience the benefits of being part of the Effective Fitness family.  We pride ourself in providing each client with the best possible service in the gym, sport and everyday life.

Clients also have access to expert service within the field of life coaching, counseling and mentoring to assist them in being the best version they can be.

Sports Massage Therapy

Effective Fitness aims to provide its members with the best sports massage services to help and assist in the manner that suits each customer’s needs.

We cater for any individual’s needs, whether you are a professional athlete or someone struggling with a muscular or moving problem, or just looking to relieve stress and tension from sore and tense muscles.

We strive for success in the art of sports massage and will gladly prove it.

Personal Training

Get the results you want by having one-on-one training sessions with a qualified professional trainer. Effective Fitness is geared towards creating a unique environment designed for optimum results. The personal trainers are focused on helping you achieving your goals through hard work and dedication. Personal training will provide you with that extra motivation, advice and nutritional guidance that will help you achieve your goals and attain the results you are after.
Each package provides the client with two payment options, either payment on a monthly basis or a once-off settlement. All sessions are 1 hour in duration.

Get the personal one-on-one sessions you want.

Strength and Conditioning for Sport

Effective Fitness offers strength and conditioning for sport to any school, club, athlete or individual looking to gain the benefits of strength and conditioning training to take a step further in progression and sport performance.  We provides a professional service with a broad range of equipment, which aims to assist any team or individual in improving and enhancing their performance to advance and further their development as a team and/or individual. Get the upper hand in your sport today!
Each package includes fitness assessment and testing.
Suitable payment options can be arranged.

Life Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring

Effective Fitness offers expert life coaching, counselling and mentoring to clients looking to strengthen their way of thinking and looking to empower themselves in they way they think and work through life.

Becoming a better and stronger YOU is only an appointment away!


Zandro Wepener

Exercise Professional, Nutritionist & Life Coach
Coaching Scientist | Sport Nutritionist | Sport Psychologist | Certified Life Coach | Strength & Conditioning Coach | Qualified Personal Trainer | Sports Massage Therapist |

Experience:Served 5 years in the South African Air Force | Been coaching and training sport teams and individuals since 2015